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Woodfired Series

The element of surprise and wonder built with the long-awaited anticipation of results are why I find woodfirings the most enjoyable and rewarding of all pottery techniques. Each woodfired pot is incredibly unique and not possible to replicate.  These firings come once to three times a year and will be the most rare and elevated of offerings at Milk and Clay.

The series was thrown on the potter's wheel or hand built with a white clay body in NYC. The bisqued pots were then taken upstate New York for the woodfiring. The woodfire was stoked continuously for 4 consecutive days followed by a week-long cooling period. 

These truly one-of-a-kind pots are offered in a variety of iridescent sheens and colors including copper, luster, ash, metallic red, orange rust, oatmeal and opalascent, green and purple hues. Unique carbon trapping details.