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About Milk and Clay
Milk and Clay is a ceramic art and design line created by artist Sydney Oh. The minimal yet refined line was founded upon a love of organic and practical pieces that are both visually appealing and a welcome addition to daily life.

The small batch collections include handmade homewares such as vessels, bowls, cups, and unique objects, all of which marry form with function. Milk and Clay's simple forms embrace the wabi-sabi philosophy and are meant to elevate the everyday.

With the intention of bringing comfort to the home through quality ceramics, each piece is one-of-a-kind, designed and handmade in New York City. 


About the Artist
Born and raised in Georgia, Sydney has always sought to express herself through creativity and art. 

After receiving a degree in journalism at the University of Georgia where she specialized in photojournalism and speech communication, Sydney relocated to New York in 2009 to pursue a PR career in fashion, working at leading public relations firms. In 2014, after rediscovering her love for pottery and studying the art at various studios throughout New York City, she founded her line, Milk and Clay. With sophisticated ceramics that imbue instant comfort and a personal connection, Sydney incorporates both innovative and traditional design to her work. Today, Sydney balances her full-time professional career as a fashion publicist and moonlights as a potter.


Photo by Carlotta Kohl